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Providing Solutions for Engineering Challenges
What can we do for you? 
Bergenbrook offers a diverse linecard of engineering services backed by a reliable team with years of relevant industry experience. We strive to be an innovative partner in the growth and success of your business.

Our technical team analyzes customer requirements and responds with high quality solutions at affordable prices. We support current production offerings, new product visions and future lines of business.

The Bergenbrook team is experienced in translation of customer needs into functional requirements. This serves as the foundation for generating concepts that feed the product development process. Innovation allows execution of these new ideas to create value for our business and partners.
Concepts are matured through a design control process which includes phase-gates. Simulation utilizes a virtual environment to evaluate performance and reliability without costly testing. Concepts then move into Evaluation to ensure they meet technical and customer needs.
Tangible output includes detailed design/analysis reports, drawings, test protocols, process mapping, production evaluations and much more. We can produce some components in-house and have partners to consider for larger assemblies. Let us support the needs of your Organization.